A Father's Touch

Every father needs to consider this question:

“Would your kids hesitate, at all, in saying, ‘I know my Dad loves me and I feel it in his actions?’”

One of the greatest things that a dad can give their children,
regardless of their age is: Affirmation

When we give genuine and frequent affirmation, we give them a sense of authenticity and confidence.

Affirming people builds bridges rather than barriers.

Dads need to affirm your kids:
1. Emotions – We wound those looking to us if we do not affirm them.
When we affirm we are saying, “I’m interested in your life’s events and how they make you feel.”

“That situation must be very disappointing to you – I’m sorry you are going through that.”

When others are happy, be happy with them. If they are sad, share their sorrow. Romans 12:15 New Living Translation – NLT

We should be sad when they hurt and be happy when they are happy. Celebrate their successes. Be there for them in their losses. Depending on their age, take them out for lunch, coffee or ice cream to simply celebrate them.

Dads need to affirm your kids:
2. Efforts – People want to hear, “I noticed that you put effort into…listening, helping out or supporting me and I appreciate that.”

“I can see how much effort you have put into (…a cause) I’m really proud of you and how you dedicated yourself to something important to you.”

Dads need to affirm your kids:
3. Value
“You are so important to me.”
“I am proud of you.”

These are statements that need be spoken often to our kids and to our family.
Follow this up with your actions. Demonstrate how important they are by making decisions that show they are high on your priority list.

The opposite of affirmation – is communicated when we disregard them or to just be silent when they need someone to step up and say something.

Fill in the silence in their soul with your strength. Fill in any void in their life with your words of encouragement and affirmation.

Today, affirm those who look to you for strength.

Be a father to the fatherless and a brother to those you care about.

Grant MuirheadComment