Everyone Has a Dream

Many of us have the kind of big dreams that involve becoming rich and famous, winning the Powerball lottery, becoming a star athlete, or marrying a celebrity. I hate to burst your bubble, but the odds of these types of dreams coming true for most of us are astronomical. My Globetrotter fantasy was one of those fanciful dreams. But, like many childhood fantasies, it lasted only until the next dream emerged.

My church is close to Hollywood Boulevard where the Hollywood Walk of Fame honors Hollywood’s stars and the dreams they’ve achieved. Lots of people come to my church having moved to Los Angeles to pursue their big dreams. As I walk down the street, I can’t help but wonder about the dreams of the people I pass. Have their childhood fantasies been realized? Do their lives resemble anything close to those dreams, or have they taken on new aspirations?

We all dream, and the capacity for dreaming and pursuing those dreams is a gift God has given each of us. You may be wondering whether your dream is worth pursuing or if it is, in fact, a dream God has given you. Here are some important questions to ask yourself to find out:

Should my dream really take this much work?

Does trying this hard mean I’m on the wrong track?

Is the dream I’m following really the dream of my heart?

Should I quit and try something else, or should I be even more determined?

If I keep going the way I’m going, will I really find fulfillment?

These help us get to the heart of our deepest question: Why am I really here?

When we begin to ask that question, we open ourselves to another kind of dream, one more significant and powerful. Sometimes we follow dreams and head down one path, pursuing a vision of what we believe we are supposed to do, and then discover we are meant to do something else. This is the God-dream.

These types of dreams come from deep inside, and they inspire us to do and be better. They offer us significance, legacy, and a life well lived. They put our mark on the world and prove that what we do matters.

Every person is born to pursue them; but, unlike the childhood dreams that are fantastical and out of reach, these dreams absolutely can come true. I know because I’m living proof and I work with people every day who live out these dreams.

We are on this earth for a purpose. What we do and how we live matters, not just to us but to those on the receiving end of our realized dreams. And it matters to God.

The greatest discovery you can make is to learn what God has created you to accomplish. When you uncover your purpose, pursue it with diligence, and see the effects and power of that pursuit, you experience the adventure of a lifetime!

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