My Healing Adventure

A few weeks ago, at the end of our summer vacation, I had a complete physical.  The doctor wanted to do a biopsy on a small bump on top of my head.  They called us the next week and let us know that the diagnosis was a lymphoma cancer on my skin.  

The good news is that this cancer is one of the least aggressive types of lymphomas.  The fact that it’s not on the inside of my head it’s on the outside of my head in my skin is also good news. 

Last week after further tests and a CT scan, our doctor, at the City of Hope, said the great news is that’s it’s only located in the one location on the skin on top of my head.  The treatment he recommended will not require surgery or chemo treatments.   He did recommend that I have daily radiation treatments for about four weeks. 

So, we are now on a healing adventure.  What I would ask of you, my friends, is to pray that the cancer cells will dissolve quickly and that they will never return.  Right now, I am focusing on guarding my thoughts and directing my attention to build faith, so your prayer support for me in that area would be great also.    

People have asked me how am I feeling.  Holly and I feel confident that Jesus is my healer.  This situation is just a temporary distraction. God has great things for us at Oasis Church and the devil is obviously nervous.  

We are going to face this battle with faith, medicine and nutrition.   We know we will come through this being stronger, with more faith and courage than ever.

I have a great team of doctors and nutritionists and a community of believers, Oasis Church, who are full faith and standing with me. 

I know some of you may want to offer support by sending me DVDs, CDs or books on nutrition and facing cancer.  I can assure you Holly has plenty of those resources and we won’t need that. (lol)  

Scripture says, “He forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases.”  And  “... by His wounds you are healed.”  This is what we are praying and believing.

Thank you so much, in advance, for your prayer and support.

Love you all,


Grant Muirhead6 Comments